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Reviews for "Hate Crime"         

 “The winning standout is Debbie Diesel who plays Lindsay. She is by far and away the shining star of this film. With a solid acting performance and strong screen presence, Diesel plays her role as a very likable and believable character. You root for her from beginning to end.”



“Debbie Diesel was wonderful as Lindsey, she played the victim perfect, believable and horrifying for the viewer. Both Clark and Diesel shined in their roles.”



“The message of Hate Crime depends greatly on the performances of its actors. The idea put forward depends heavily on the connection of the family with the viewer of the film. Luckily, the group of actors playing said family are particularly well cast. The stand out, though, is Debbie Diesel who plays the daughter Lindsay. Her raw portrayal of a teen girl put into a unfathomably terrible situation is a real bright spot within Hate Crime. Her performance gives the audience a much needed emotional hook to grasp onto.”



"The acting from both the victims and the attackers was superb, raw emotions flowed from them easily. Of particular note is Debbie Diesel, the young girl who plays the daughter Lindsay. Off all the characters, I think hers was the most difficult to pull off, and she did so amazingly”



“Next to the solid camera work, the neat editing and the great make-up effects, the movie offers some very good acting, most notably from the gorgeous Debbie Diesel (cool name!), Nicholas Clark and Maggie Wagner.”!/jamescullen.bressack.9/posts/535319019817780?notif_t=tagged_with_story



“The acting is solid from the entire cast. The daughter, Lindsay (Debbie Diesel), has the most demanding role and pulls it off beautifully. She starts off very strong and defiant but as the night goes on we see her character slowly being broken by the intruders and becoming more and more timid. There’s no large or dramatic changes in Lindsay where she’s strong one moment, weak the next, and then strong again. We get a very deliberate character arc and Diesel does a great job.”



“First up, the acting was excellent. Whoever found that group of people who were presumably willing to work for no money is a genius, and credit to the cast themselves, who give the film more than it possibly deserved. For example. it appears that this is Debbie Diesel’s first film (playing Lindsay, the daughter of the family), and I predict bigger things for her.”



“The spotlight here, however, belongs to Debbie Diesel as (Big Sister) Lindsay...The girl brings great humanity to not just her role, but the film as a whole.  For that she should be commended.”



“Where the standouts really were for me were in the two teenage leads. Both Nicholas Clark (Tyler) & the wonderful pseudonymed Debbie Diesel (Lindsay) put on a gloriously intense performance rarely seen this side of snuff. Some say it’s easy to do the screaming role. Some say it’s easy to play the shellshocked victim. But when it’s played as well as Clark & Diesel do it, the hardness of a role becomes trivial…The future looks, hopefully, bright for both of these kids.”